Friday 23 February, 2018
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Sao Paulo, the capital and the major city of Brazil is the most populous municipality in South America.The well established town of Sao Paulo is situated in the south east part of the Brazil. The traditional rich culture and customs practiced in Sao Paulo is much admired across the globe.Music and dance are deep seated in the Sao Paulo and this is a must any customary function or celebration.The people here are always on the lookout for an occasion to enjoy and this is the visitors feel at home in this strangely merry land, indeed an unique quality that appeals to the global tourists and brings them here. Sao Paulo as such is not well known for its scenic beauty and as a matter of fact this looks like a concrete congregation and there is less of scenery to enjoy. Sao Paulo is aland of modern architecture with many fascinating structures with captivating looks and striking design.Some of the astonishing buildings worth visiting arethe Sao Paulo Art Biennial, the Banespa Building, the Estacao da Luz and many more, which makes the Sao Paulo one of the most advanced city in Brazil that is popular among the global tourists. Sao Paulo is indisputably the land of music that has contributed a lot to the world of music by giving some of the gifted and globally acknowledged bands, musicians and even alternate music.Even considering contemporary music genres Sao Paulo has not been left behind.The Sao Paulo State Symphony is one of the best known orchestra in Latin America and all over the world.


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