Tuesday 20 February, 2018
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Melbourne is one of the prominent cities worldwide and, is ranked as the second most populous town in Australia which has over 4 million inhabitants, with its capital as Victoria. Melbourne is located in the south-eastern part of centreland Australia. Melbourne is the hotspot in the nation featuring most of the significant cultural, sporting events, institutions and it is an well developed core area of commerce and industry. Melbourne is home to natives from more than 233 countries, talking 180 varied languages and dialects. Melbourne was the host to 1956 Summer Olympics as well as the 2006 Commonwealth Games. The climate of Melbourne is oceanic and is known to be notorious because of its hugely unreliable weather conditions. Melbourne is colder than other mainland Australian capital cities and during winter Melbourne transforms to the sports and cultural capital of Australia. Melbourne has been recognized to be the second least affordable in Australia and the 36th least affordable city in the world. Melbourne breathes football and cricket. The important role play in Melbourneís economy is tourism. The city is headquarters for many of Australia's largest corporations. Melbourne has two large famous cathedrals; St Patrickís and St Paulís and it is worth visiting. The two daily newspapers, Herald Sun and The Age are served by Melbourne. This is the second busiest Australian Airport.


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