Friday 23 February, 2018
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For some reason or the other there is not much of Asian tourists visiting the Canton and however this does not bring down the Canton tourism by any means; this has lot of things to do and watch to meet the needs of diverse class of visitors making it a splendid tourist spot. Guangxiao Temple is a featured attraction in the city that is a common religious centre for the Zen Buddhists. The Liurong Temple widely called “the temple of six banyan trees”, then eight-sided, seventeen storied Hua Ta, known as the Flowering Pagoda, are also the favorite spots generally chosen by the tourists in Guangzhou. There isn’t any dearth of options whatsoever as you can visit several museums and legendery places like the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Chen Clan Temple, Shishi Sacred Heart Catholic Church; few of the most arcahisc churches in town, the Huangpu Military Academy, Wu Xian Guan Temple, Huaisheng Mosque, Sanyuan Temple along with Xiguan Residence and the Hualin Temple are also quite famous. Guangzhou City Art Museum featuring 10000+ art pieces, supported with the Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou Sculpture Park, President Sun Yat-Sen Museum, Xiangjiang Wild Animal Safari Park, Guangzhou Martyrs' Memorial Garden, Grand World Scenic Park and the Baiyun Shan are few of the other alternatives as well!This is the door to China and has the greatest number of oversea Chinese inhabitants. Those who know a bit of Chinese history and culture will find the trip exceedingly interesting.


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