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Cape Town is the parliamentary capital city of the Republic of South Africa and the second most colonized city of Africa. It is the next major city of the country only next to Johannesburg. most number of tourists who arrive to South Africa regard Capetown to be their target.This is the result of the fantastic shoreline and beaches that exist there, which have been maintained very well for the tourists. The place which is most liked by tourists in south Africa is Cape town making it their favorite destination and all this is attributed to its tropical climate, natural beauty and the presenceof good infrastructure. Table Mountain which takes up the maximum space of the Table Mountain Park is the most famous natural feature of Cape Town. rock climbing on the mountain is a much loved amusement opportunity among tourists. The most treasured action of tourists is mountain hiking. The beaches of Cape Town are a favorite among the local people and the tourist make it a pointto visit these beaches.Every beach is only one of its kindand has its own individuality. Beaches of the Atlantic Coast have cold water since this water is a result of the glacial melt comingfrom Antarctica. The restaurants, pubs and cafes make the beaches of Camp bay famous. Surfing is a preferredsport and the city entertains and organizesa surfing competition every year.


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